Hello!This is us.

The Team

Niek van der Veen

Product Manager

Jure Skara


Florian Baum

Sales & Marketing

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a work environment in which people enjoy their time and have a feeling of deep belonging. This impacts people’s perception of working, it has a positive impact on the work quality, and leads to an enormous increase in productivity and a decrease of costs. We achieve this through three simple steps:

First, Yucca helps companies to build and automate a smooth onboarding process. This will give new hires a structured and professional warm welcome, which will get them motivated from the very beginning.

Second, Yucca will automatically connect colleagues in the company to create an environment in which a unique company culture of belonging and social engagement evolves.

Third, onboarding and connecting employees will set the direction for great team building activities which will not only motivate employees, it increases motivation as well as retention.

Our Philosophy

We believe that small actions make a big difference. It does not take complicated and expensive programs to increase happiness and engagement in a team. In our experience, it is the small things such as a warm welcome, a close social contact or a team building activity, that have the biggest impact on a team.